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Growth in Faith, Growing in Christ

A wealth of religious education resources including videos, music, and online activities for grades 1-5 are available through the Growing in Faith, Grown in Christ website. The faith content on the website provides opportunities for the whole family to discuss and share about their relationship with Christ. 

To access the resources, visit, select the Student/Home resource website, the grade of interest, and enter Username: pvnccdsb / Password Student99

Parish Resource Website (under "Login to Resource Websites" choose Parish)
Username:  pvnccdsb_parish      Password: Religion1

Math Moments

January 2020

Bus Cancellations

With harsher winter weather arriving, you can stay up-to-date with bus delays and cancellations. Listen to your local radio station, visit the STSCO website in the morning, or call the STSCO information line at 705-748-5500 or 1-800-757-0307 for bus delays or cancellations. Remember that if a bus is cancelled in the morning, it will not run in the afternoon.