School Staff 2015-16

The following is a list of our school's staff members.

To email a staff member, select their name and enter the information in the web form that appears. Staff will try to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Phone: 905-377-9967
Fax: 905-377-1214


Mrs. C. Graham




Mrs. P. Coss                                                                             
School Secretary

Mrs. K. Caldwell
Full Day Kindergarten

Mrs. M. Burke
Grade 2
Ms. K. McNeely
Grade 1/2 

Mr. D. Boyle
Grade 3

Mrs. C. Coon

Grade 4/5

Mrs. M. Kawzenuk
Grade 3/4

Mrs. Watson

Grade 5/6

Ms. C. O'Toole
Grade 6
Mr. A. Cullen
Grade 7

Mrs. S. Ferguson
Grade 7/8E

Mme K. Lesperance

Grade 7/8F

Mrs. S. Slade-Brady
Special Education Resource Teacher

Mrs. A. Collins
ILP/Music Teacher

Mrs. S. Brockwell
Educational Assistant

Mrs. A. Young                                                                  
Educational Assistant

Mrs. K. Bennett


Mme. Bos

Core French

Ms. K. Baxter


Ms. I. Coleman

Library Support Specialist

Ms. K. Baxter