Behaviour Education Support Training (BEST) Classroom

Some students who are identified as behaviour or who have behaviours that interfere with success in a regular classroom, may be referred temporarily to a BEST classroom. The program is staffed by specialized staff including a Special Education Teacher, Behaviour Resource Worker, Child and Youth Worker, Board Psychologist and Special Education Consultant. The BEST program takes place in a special education class that has a maximum of 8 students at any one time. This program provides an alternative classroom placement where students can learn and practice appropriate skills and strategies that will allow them to manage more successfully in their regular classroom. These classrooms provide the child with increased opportunities to:

  • have appropriate behaviour modelled;
  • practice conversational skills through role playing or puppets;
  • learn conflict resolution skills;
  • participate in activities which encourage sharing and cooperating; and
  • role play situations in which participants offer and receive criticism appropriately.

For more information about our Board's BEST classrooms, please contact the School Board.