EQAO Details and Results

Each year, the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) develop student assessments based on expectations in the Ontario Curriculum. The assessment provides quality information on the achievements of students, and enhances classroom assessment data collected by teachers through the school year.

The EQAO is an independent agency operating within a framework established by the government of Ontario. The EQAO's mandate is to ensure greater accountability and contribute to the enhancement of the quality of education in Ontario through provincial assessments and reviews of elementary and secondary schools.

EQAO assessments are opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know. Two booklets assess language skills, and a third booklet assesses math skills. Each booklet has two sections, with each section taking approximately one hour to complete. Students complete the assessments in their classroom with their regular teachers.

Using the Results

Assessment results do not affect students' grades or report cards, and they are not used to rank schools. Results are used to improve teaching and learning. Ranking provides no information about why scores are high or low, invites simplistic and misleading comparisons that ignore the particular circumstances affecting achievement in each school, and distracts from addressing the more critical issues of how to improve learning for all students.

You can view our school's past Grade 3 results, Grade 6 results or visit the Board website for additional informn. The EQAO website also has resources for parents/guardians including:

  • A guide about EQAO assessments in elementary schools
  • Student assessment booklets from previous years for reading, writing and mathematics
  • Information to assist with understanding the Provincial, Board, school and student results
  • Information on Curriculum Connections in reading, writing and mathematics

Tips To Assist Your Child

  • Your child does not need to prepare in any special way to participate in the EQAO assessment. EQAO questions are based on Ontario Curriculum expectations.
  • Students are encouraged to do their best and demonstrate what they know.
  • Parents/guardians can assist their child by demonstrating a positive attitude about the assessment. Parents should ensure that their child is in attendance and on time each day of the assessment, and ensure that he/she has had adequate sleep and a good breakfast.
  • Parents are asked to encourage their child on the assessment days as they would on any regular school day.